Monday, April 5, 2010

Re-commited to blogging.....I think?

Ok Ok.... So my husband asked me tonight...I wish you were still blogging. And with that, here I am. I guess I will just start out by updating since last june. Ha Ha. You would think that would be hard but nothing much has happened. We stayed here in Delta because Jon got hired on as a Special Ed teacher at the Delta High School. He is really enjoying it. We bought a home in January. We love it. We are just down the road from the High School and two houses away from Jons parents! It has been good. Our home is an older home. Built in 1952, or something like that. We have little by little been updating it. Rylee has been in pre-school this year and loving every second of it. She has learned so much. I can't believe how much she is growing up. She most definitely has a mind of her own. I can no longer just pick out clothes for her because she WILL NOT wear them. She has her own style. Almost every day she wants to wear things that A....don't match and B..... are OLD! Oh well! She is a sweetie. Taylor is also a spunky little thing. She can most definitely hold her own against Rylee. She can make Ry cry in point 2 seconds. She is 2 and she counts to seventeen and can say the alphabet to k. Its crazy to me how much the second child learns with an older sibling. She is so hilarious! I love my girlies!! Well, I am gonna give this another shot (blogging). I don't have internet at my house so I have to do it at my in laws... which takes more time to get it done, but we will give it a shot.

Here are some pics of my girls with their cousins. We had a fun easter weekend. All cousins were down on both sides so it was fun to get to visit with everyone, except Kelly and Marcus. Top pic is of my girls and Tanna in their easter outfits from Grandma Pace. So cute! Bottom pic is of Rylee with Macie and Brooklyn. Their hats are part of the Piniata they had at Grandma Winters. We had lots of fun with everyone!

Here is Taylor putting on her lip gloss from the easter bunny. She is a lipstick freak!! She just sits and puts it on over and over and over with a little bit of smacking in between each application! ha she is so funny!

Thought Ry looked sweet in this pic. The headband she is wearing is usually on her head 24/7. She got it because we went to get haircuts and she didn't want on....unless I would get her the headband.... the little manipulator!! Guess we both got what we wanted. But she wears that thing everyday, whether it matches or not! Love this girl to death!

A pic of daddy and his girls a few weeks ago. We took the girls to disney on ice and stayed in a hotel the night before. There is nothing they love more than swimming in a pool so it was great. Despite the day from hell that followed this night!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A trip to Primary Children's Hospital

So I have gotten a few texts and phone calls about Taylor and wanted to explain what happened on Thursday....... So Taylor woke up at about two thursday morning crying. Pretty typical for Taylor when she is teething or sick or something so I just assumed it was her teeth and gave her some medicine and layed her back down. She kept crying and crying so I layed her by us and let her cry. She fell asleep the rest of the night. I woke up in the morning and got up. Taylor was by me and tried to get up and immediately started screaming again and layed back down. I picked her up and stood her up. She grabbed her neck and started screaming owwwweeeeee!!So I just carried her upstairs and this went on for an hour or so. She wouldn't pick up her head or walk or anything so I started worrying about meningitis. I took her to the emergency room and they looked her over. The dr. sent her in for some x-ray's and sent them to provo to have the looked at. The radiologist in provo said there looked to be an absess or some kind of thickening between her vertebrae and trachea. He said they were waiting to hear from Primary Children's Hospital. I was freaking out by this point. What is a thickening I thought?! A few minutes later the dr. came and said that an ambulance was on the way and that they would be transporting her up to Primary Childrens. He said that they were concerned about it and it wasn't normal and that this thickening could be compromising her airway so she needed to be in the ambulance. So in about 5 minutes me and Taylor were in an ambulance on our way. It was the longest trip of my life!! Her oxygen levels kept dropping low when she would cry so trying to hold her still so her neck wouldnt move was ridiculous. When we got there I was so glad to see Jon. His friend was there and they gave taylor a blessing which was nice. Thanks Chris!! We had to wait for a good two hours before the dr. actually came in. Taylor was so hungry and so uncomfortable. She hadn't eaten a thing that day and was crying saying "ba ba, juice, juice". They said she couldn't have anything because she might need surgery. It broke my heart. I was going crazy just wanting some answers on what was wrong and going to happen with her. Several doctors finally came and looked at her and had blood tests done. They were fine. They sent her in for a CT scan and sedated her with valium. After about 10 minutes she was completely loopy, BUT she was actually sitting up, moving her head and all that. This was so different because she couldnt lift her head all day and was in so much pain. The CT scans came back ok. They said that if she was crying a lot when she got her original x'rays it could have made it look like there was something there that wasn't or make something look a little blurry. They basically came to the conclusion that she was having neck spasms. So after an extremely exhausting and emotional day, we got in the car and came home with Taylor happy as can be. I couldn't understand how I could go up with every bad possibility going through my head and them sayin she would be probably having surgery that day to nothing being wrong. I am just thankful she is fine and felt lucky to have drs who, even though things were ok, made sure things were safe. Thanks to everyone who called and expressed concern for us. We are so happy all is well and my Taylor is ok. So that is the story of by far the most crazy day of my far!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Lied!!

Ok, so most people already know but the last post i wrote is kinda not true anymore. So I talked about going to Provo. But a few days after we decided on Provo, they called Jon and said that there were going to be openings in delta. We thought for a day or two because if we applied we would pretty much be losing our opportunity in Provo. Well, we did it anyways and yesterday we got a call saying he had gotten the job! We are very excited. I am so proud of Jon for everything he has accomplished. He has worked so very hard. I love you with all my heart Jon and thanks for always taking care of us, even though you went with no sleep and worked two jobs and went to school all in one day for a year. I can't believe its finally over!

I had a great mothers day this year. Rylee ran up and gave me a card and told me happy mothers day. The card was from Jon but she wrote a "T" and an "R" for Rylee and Taylor all by herself . She was so proud of it!! We went to church and much to my surprise, She actually stood up on the stage with the primary and sang mother's day songs. Most of you who know Rylee, know thats not exactly normal for her, well, unless she has her face covered and is frowning. But, hands were down and she had a huge smile on her face!!!!! They did the cutest little presents in primary and little cards that asked questions about moms. She said I look a dress, and my favorite place to go the store, and other questions but it was so sweet it made me cry. I'm so lucky to be a mom to my beautiful little girls!!!! They truly make my life full of joy. And thanks to my awesome husband for making me feel so special on Mother's day! I pretty much milked it for all it was worth. He was probably sick of me by the end of the day but thanks for not showing it boyfriend!!! I love ya to death! I'm also so grateful to have a fabulous mom. She is the best mom. I have always been able to talk to her about anything and she would do absolutely anything for her children. Jon always makes fun of me and my sisters and even Marcus cause we are always talking to my mom. But I think it means something good. I''m so grateful to be so close with her! Now with my kids, she does the same thing. They love her so much and just think the worlk of their grandma Pace! Thanks for letting us live in your house and destroy you things for this past year. Ha! I love you so much mom. And also a thanks to Shari, my mother in law, who is the best. She does so much for us! Thanks shari, we love you.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's New.....

Well, I finally got a chance to update my blog. I have gotten so bad at updating because I am not patient enough to wait for pictures to upload. I am bad I know! Anyways, we had a great Easter. Kelly's family came from Las Vegas and M&M came for a day. It was fun and nice to see everyone. We really missed Kara and her family though. The girls were able to have three easter egg hunts and that was great for Rylee. It was a little much for Ry since her easter basket was completely full and she said she didn't have enough eggs. WOW!!!! We have pretty much made a decision on where to live. We went to Rexburg Idaho for an interview last weekend and fell in love with the City! The best part was spending the weekend at Kara's. She seems so far away so it was nice to see her! Anyways, after the interview they offered him the job. We were so excited and asked for the weekend to think about it. Meanwhile, Provo school district wanted him too but didn't know for sure if they had an opening. They promised to know by monday. Well, due to the EXPENSIVE insurance and a compute with the idaho job, we decided on Provo. They called on monday and offered a job to him. We don't know which school for sure but are excited and happy about the decision!!! (We will still see ya lots Kara, I promise!) Anyways, things are going well and I am just so proud of Jon for getting finished with school after SEVEN years of switching majors and finally deciding and getting done!! I love ya boyfriend!!! We are excited for graduation cause President Monson is speaking. That will be fabulous! Anyways, I am posting some of the pics we have had lately.

Easter Pictures

Painting Easter Eggs
We went to the sand dunes to play. It was so much fun for Rylee. But as you can see, Taylor was miserable. Her eyes swoll up all big so I had to take her home early.
As you can see, the adults seemed to have all the fun. Jon and Kelly had contests to see who could jump the farthest. Gary joined in as well. Jon said that he would kinda stop before he jumped. Rylee said "Gary, your kind of a pussycat!" Awesome, all I can say is at least she added the cat to the end.
Grandma and Boston

So sunday afternoon my mom had an easter egg hunt for pretty much just Rylee cause Taylor didn't care. This was their third one of the weekend. Taylor just sat and smiled.
Maria was nice enough to get out there with Rylee and look for eggs. Rylee loved it. My mom was a nice easter bunny and hid some envelopes with money in them for us to find. Thanks mom!

This was the Lynndyl easter egg hunt. Taylor really liked the suckers but didn't care about any of the eggs cause she didn't know what was inside. Rylee had fun. Her and Kennady found eggs together. When we asked for a picture, Rylee freaked out! Sweet little Kennady tried so hard to get her to smile but NO!

Taylor is a water girl just like Rylee was. She does not care what the weather is like outside, she will go out and pour water on her. She would live outside if I let her.
On Easter weekend, Jon had to go to a national park for his class so we went to Lehman Caves. Clint's family and Shari and Heather came. It was snowy but fun. Rylee absolutely LOVED the caves!!!Here is a picture of all the kids in a little cabin at Lehman's cave.
Rylee and Kennady! I am so glad they got to spend time together. They are hilarious together. They remind me of me and Susanna when we were younger.
The girls in their dresses on Easter morning. They both lookes so sweet. Wish I could get Taylor to smile for pics but she just won't.

Random Pics!

My little Taylor bug
These are some pics of Rylee and her cousins when we watched them a while ago. They were getting ready to go to the swimming pool and were SOOOOO excited. They are just the best of friends when they are together. We sure miss not living by them anymore.

So we were out at the Rez the other day and were messing with our camera timer thing and were able to get a picture of all of us which is not a common thing so I decided to post it. The one above is Rylee taking a pic of me and jon. She did a pretty good job at centering it I thought!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching up

Well it has been so long since I have blogged so I thought I better catch up even though we have really been doing nothing. We are still here in Delta living with my parents and Jon has been subbing like crazy. It has been good that he has been able to work a lot but we are hoping to find a job soon. There have been two or three that he has been able to apply for but that is it. We are hoping more will come out in April. We are starting to worry that we will have to go out of state to get a job. I guess if that is what we have to do we will do it but we would love to stay in Utah. The girls are just busier than ever. Taylor is starting to say lots of different words and definitely puts up a fight with Rylee. As crazy as Rylee's attitude is, I am scared to say that Taylor's is even worse. Marcus (my brother) and Maria got married this past weekend and it turned out great. She was a gorgeous bride!! And Marcus looked pretty spiffy himself. We are so happy they are finally married, being high school sweethearts and all! Love ya tons M&M ! Well here are some pics that I have taken recently.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wedding weekend

M & M finally tied the knot!!!
Maria was a beautiful glowing bride!!! They had a reception on Friday and got married on Saturday morning. We are so excited for them. We are so happy to have her in our family, even though she has felt like our sister for like five years now! Love you guys!

These are pics of the girls right before the reception Friday night.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Saturday turned out pretty crazy on our end. We sent Rylee up to sleep over at cousin Tanna's. Then she was gonna ride to the temple in the morning with them. Well Kara didn't have her curling iron so she flat ironed Rylee's hair. It looked cute when she got there but after about 10 minutes she looked like an orphan. The thing about it is that we were having the family pictures at the temple and we were all wearing matching clothes. Sad to say, I didn't really want Rylee in the pictures because she looked terrible and I didn't want her to see them when she grows up and say.... what is the deal? I look terrible! Jon promised me we could go back up to temple square and take pics of her again looking like her normal pretty self. Then...... we were waiting to go to the ceremony room and I reached in to get our recommends and there were me and JOn's but.... I happened to grab an old recommend of Jon's from 2004!!!!! He didn't get to go to his BROTHER IN LAWS wedding! I was devastated. Jon ended up staying out and watching the girls. I was so sad. The day ended up good and Marcus and Maria had a great day and I guess that is all that matters!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little break!

My brothers fiance was getting her endowments out on a saturday and I begged Jon to let us go stay in a hotel the night before for a much needed getaway. The girls LOVED the pool. It was as warm as a bathtub! Wonderful!!!!

Dad, Tay, and Ry

Some pics of the girls in our hotel room

This is Ry on her bed, a pull out twin couch that ME and her slept on. Not such a great night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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A day with daddy!

This is how the day started out.......
and this is how it ended up!
Rylee discovered an ape mask in my parents closet one day when me and my mom went up north. So her and dad had fun with the camera. I can't post some of the pics or jon would kill me. Cause with as much hair as he has on his chest, he really looked like an ape! WOW! Rylee has actually gotten pretty good at taking pictures. She did a good job at taking these of jon.
Here is my little ape!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Taylor's new favorite thing is riding around in the doll stroller with Rylee pushing her. Rylee enjoys it too. Whenever Ry stops pushing, Tay starts screaming. Its funny.
Taylor and papa
My little princesses!

My sister Kara gave Taylor this chair and she loves it. She always sits like this and just chills!